The Cricket Prophecies!

My first novel is now available on Amazon!


Cassandra Washington, aka Cricket, is down on her luck in the big city. She’s living in a one-room apartment with a mattress on the floor and her job just burned down. Desperate for work, she finds herself at the Ash Tree, a dive bar in the worst part of town whose customers don’t seem especially happy she’s there.

What Cricket doesn’t know is the Ash Tree is a hang out for magical creatures, witches, wizards, and monsters, and her boss is making risky deals with the worst sorts.

When Cricket is accidently involved in a deal to return a magical text to a very powerful creature, she is plunged into a political war between goblin courts, mysterious covens, and an insane cult of pyromaniacs.

With the help of a mischief spirit named Conn, Cricket must find the book and return it to its owner before the deal goes south or face deadly consequences.

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