My Ongoing Quest To Destroy The Fabric of Society Via Having a Job

Recent surveys have found that 4 out of 10 households have women breadwinners. This is neat, I think! Of course, there is the fact that many of these are single women, but I don’t think that’s necessarily bad news. Even the fact that a single woman CAN raise a household is exciting news. Many of those women are single with a family by choice, and that’s a possibility today. That’s awesome.

However, some people don’t think so. Some people believe it goes against the natural order of things.

Yup. I’m unnatural. Here’s a list of other unnatural things I’ve done this morning:

  • Woke up when my cell phone went off (Rumba Melody Ringtone)
  • Showered (not under waterfall)
  • Put on makeup
  • Clothes. Clooooooooothes.
  • Considered cereal
  • Ate powerbar instead
  • Drank coffee out of an art museum travel mug
  • Drove a car
  • Smiled at the tiny ceramic fox that sits on my desk
  • Phoned a contact for an interview

And it’s only 10:30. Who knows what despicable things I may do to rend the fabric of society before the day is done. I may go to Starbucks. I’M JUST THAT DERANGED!

There are a lot of things wrong with their reasoning.  I’m not sure what ‘nature’ they’re referring to, for one thing. Lionesses do the hunting. Mantises eat their partners. Wolves and horses live in large groups often led by females. Sometimes, like with Red Tailed Hawks, females are bigger and stronger. Angler Fish males are teeny, compared to the females, and mate by literally being absorbed into the female’s body.  I am not interested in that natural order, thanks. Ick.

There’s also the fact that what happens in nature doesn’t (and shouldn’t) define what happens in human society. Otherwise I wouldn’t be wearing pants. The ‘natural’ argument is often made in a different way, that women aren’t breadwinners because they don’t want to be. They just naturally want this other thing. These numbers complicate that narrative and I can understand that it makes some people uncomfortable, even fearful, when things change or what they believe is challenged.

But this hurts me. It does. Because it reminds me that there are men who think of me as other than themselves, as different, even if not necessarily inferior. They have roped off parts of the world from me and expect me to know where I do not belong.

These restrictions have nothing to do with my wants or needs or goals, but what I am – at the cellular level. At my core I will never belong with them.

It has nothing to do with my partner’s needs. He would be excited if I made more than him, because we’re a team and his self worth is not defined by competition with me, and not by a monetary value.

These are respected men, paid and listened to and put on television, but they will never respect me. They worry that I may hurt, nay destroy, the society in which I live simply by being successful.

Whatever. Fine.  I’m getting a frappuchino.

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