I Made An Art

Sometimes I take a break from writing a thing to make an art! In this case I saw a mobile in a store and my husband fell in love with it. I wondered if I could make a similar one. I took a shot at it!

The first step was to make the wire frame. This took the longest, and proved to be really frustrating at first. Every minor adjustment had to be made to the opposite side. I found myself sometimes snipping millimeters off metal to make it work. Also I stabbed my fingers a lot.




Step two was to dye the leaves. I couldn’t find the color paper I wanted, so I bought a thick tissue paper and watercolored it, then carefully ironed it so the leaves lay flat. It was important that all the leaves were the same size and shape.

2Next I glued them all on. This involved a lot of holding things still until they dried. It was hard to hide the thing, and ended up admitting to my husband that I was working on a secret project and hanging it in a spare closet.


When they were all in place, the result was pretty cool. It moves in a light wind and the sun is really pretty through the leaves. My husband was thrilled.





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