I Love Book Fairs

Writing is a very solitary activity. For me it’s a little less so, because I like a little noise when I write, so I tend to seek out crowds to write near. Cafes are my favorite, especially on college campuses. Even so, writing is lonely.

That is why I love conventions and book fairs. It’s a chance to talk honestly about what we’re working on and get a feel for movements in  your genre.

Mostly, though, it’s a reminder that we are not really alone. Often it’s a moment to commiserate. Writing is hard. Writing is frustrating and intimidating. Writing is also wonderful, band it’s nice to talk to someone who also feels all those things too.

Of course it’s a wonderful chance to meet fans and other readers. The enthusiasm from everyone is absolutely invigorating. I always come home excited about writing and reading. If you are in a rut there is nothing like going to a book fair to get you excited again.

This is all a lead in to tell you that I will be heading to That Book Place in Madison, Indiana, to the 3rd annual book fair. I am very excited. I will be mostly taking my comics as well as collections of the new anthology. Please come and visit me and all the very talented writers with me.

I’ll also be at SPACE in April. Hope to see you there!

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