I Am Not A Fake Nerd

I promised myself I would stay out of this one but I can’t. I have too much angry.

Recently, comic artist Tony Harris went on a rant about unattractive con-girls being unattractive near him in order to seduce con-guys because they’re evil…or something.

Let me try to break it down for you. Guys make comics that depict strong, idealized men and women in skimpy outfits. Men and women both enjoy reading these comics. Men dress up as these characters because it’s fun. Women dress up as these characters in order to seduce naïve men and hurt them. Wait no…what?

There have already been some great responses to this, that I suggest you check out, but I have a few things to add.

After his stupid rant of stupid, Harris defended his statements, saying he thought this same thing about men too. Also he wasn’t sexist because he said so, and he knew ladies IN REAL LIFE. Mostly he wanted us all to know that he believed in nerdy ladies, in much the same way that he believed in fairies, but they are the exception to the rule.

What does he think the rest of the girls are doing there? A con is a serious money/time/energy investment. Making a detailed costume for it means not only are you willing to shell out upward of a hundred bucks and walk around a convention hall for 12 to 24 hours, but you PREPARED for it. Why, in gods name, would ‘fake’ nerds do this? Maybe it’s because they actually enjoy the convention. Yes, even if they are female, which we know from science are traditionally inscrutable.

Have you ever been to a convention you’re not really interested in? I did once, to pick up a friend. It’s literally the most boring thing in the entire world. People are saying things with words you don’t understand and just cannot even be bothered to begin to comprehend. It’s the most awkward thing. Does Harris really believe that hundreds, maybe thousands of women do this, in costume, because hurting naïve men is fun?

I’m not even going to touch the ‘how dare they not be pretty’ end of this. It may surprise you, Mr. Harris, that even in costume women were not created solely to be a visual pleasure to you. Again, inscrutable, I know.


I have often received the ‘fake nerd’ accusation. I worked in a video game store for years, and was asked (by a human being to my face multiple times) if I was just hired because I was a girl, or cute. I was asked if I actually played games. I was asked if they could please talk to a male.

I have been in gaming stores or comic book stores and had people walk up to me and with no preamble asked what my boyfriend needed. Could they help me find it for him because I was lost and afraid in the scary comic store?

And I am SO SICK of getting redirected to the Wii section. I cannot even tell you.

I have actually been quizzed on comics by a suspicious fan to prove that I was not pulling his leg about enjoying the series. When I got sick of the questions I walked away. He seemed surprised.

I have shown my own comic work at shows. When I was alone I came up against astonishment! What was I doing there!? When I did so when I was with my boyfriend guys were more understanding. It’s cute that I got into it for him. Of course…I was the one who got him into it, but nevermind facts.


Because the accusation is not just that I’m fake, but that there is something malicious about my fakeness. The accusation is that I am pretending to be a nerd to do harm. To mislead. I’m a jezebel of the nerd-store. I am trying to entice men to feed my own ego, and I could not possibly have any interest in things they are interested in.

Which is funny because I actually just like Batman a lot.


The point is, there are female nerds, Mr. Harris. And yes, we are legion.

Please get used to this.

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