Context 26: Fantastic Writing Workshops

Let me tell you about one of my favorite annual events.

No. Not my birthday, though that draws near and fills me with ever-burgeoning glee.


I love birthdays.

But I’m talking about CONTEXT, a really fantastic conference of genre writers in Columbus, Ohio, where writers share their experience and knowledge freely. That is, I don’t have to tell you, an amazing opportunity whether you’re a reader, just starting out as a writer, or very experienced and looking to share and commune with the great hive-mind of genre writers. That doesn’t actually exist.

For some reason they’re having trouble filling the workshops. Workshops are amazing little mini-courses and allow you to make a tiny injection of awesome directly into your writing-brain. They have been enormously helpful to me in the past and I plan to go to as many as possible.

I am also teaching one on how to make and write comics. You should come! I’ll teach you things.

You can see the workshops here.

There are also open readings, contests, panels, and a game room. Seriously it’s a really good time and you should come.

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