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  • A Few Thoughts On Passion and Day Jobs

    Today my day job hit an all-time record for sales, and we still have a month left in the year. It’s awesome. I’m so proud of them. It got me thinking a lot about passion, what we’re taught it is, and what it actually is.   In school I was told some version (over and over…

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  • Nominated for an Elgin!

    A friend recently congratulated me for my Elgin nomination, which is how I found out I'd been nominated for an Elgin! So that's very exciting.

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  • I Made An Art

    Sometimes I take a break from writing a thing to make an art! In this case I saw a mobile in a store and my husband fell in love with it. I wondered if I could make a similar one. I took a shot at it! The first step was to make the wire frame.…

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  • Godzilla: Humans are Powerless but Awesome (Many Spoilers)

    I’ll be honest. I loved Godzilla. I was pretty much sold before the opening credits were over. I liked the fights. The shots were beautiful and preserved scale in exactly the way monster movies should. (Honestly, stop with shaky crane shots of giant monsters that make them look like tiny models. What are you doing?)…

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  • Let’s Live Blog A Random Episode of Hannibal

    I always bother my husband with my comments during Hannibal, so I decided I should bother the internet instead (or as well).  In order to avoid spoilers, I'm going to do an old episode - Episode 10, Buffet Froid. I've time stamped to make things easier. Here we go!   3:12 – Oh, I don’t…

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  • The Cricket Prophecies!

    My first novel is now available on Amazon! Cassandra Washington, aka Cricket, is down on her luck in the big city. She’s living in a one-room apartment with a mattress on the floor and her job just burned down. Desperate for work, she finds herself at the Ash Tree, a dive bar in the worst…

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  • A Short Story: Home Wrecker

    Enjoy my short story, Home Wrecker! It's perfect if you like stories about cute houses...and revenge.   The house squatted between two huge, brick apartment buildings. The shutters were painted a cheerful red that clashed with the grey siding and there was a toy bucket near the front porch. The whole thing seemed stitched together,…

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